Perfil da visão sistêmica, posicionamento e foco dos empresários ligados ao ramo têxtil de Blumenau

by Theiss, José Reinaldo

Abstract (Summary)
This lecturing work is an approach to the thesis of systemic-view, positioning and focus profile of the entrepreneurs connected to the textile business in Blumenau, which analysis was carried out in two distinct moments: in a first moment (Phase 1), a field research was maden a sample group of 105 small, medium and micro-size companies, 48 of which were selected from the cadastre of the Commercial and Industrial Association of Blumenau (ACIB), representing on April 22nd, 2004 their full cadastre, and 57 companies (also representing the full cadastre) stated on the Textile and Garment Industry Guide of 2003 issued by the SINTEX-Textile Industries` Union of Blumenau. From this sample group, 24 companies have answered the questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of 15 questions, being that 14 of them demanded for one among four possible alternative answers (fully agrees with the question`s statement, agrees partially with the question`s statement, fully disagrees wit h the question`s statement; has no formed opinion about the subject), two of which (alternatives "3" and "2"), if marked by the respondents, would reflect a distorted and diffuse view of their understanding, respectively. The 15th question asked the respondent to identify at least 10 from 21 key-factors of success that could allow for the creation and support of competitive advantages for his company. In a second moment (Phase 2), a Sensitization Workshop was promoted, which scope was to seek for a consensus among the attending parties regarding the questions made on phase 1. 18 companies attended that seminar. The purpose of the seminar was to seek for an answer to the issue of tuning between the practices and attitudes of competitive intelligence by the entrepreneurs of the sample group, while the idea was to build a diagnosis capable to identify the profile of the entrepreneurs about the three strategic perspective: systemic view, positioning and focus and also to sensitize the seminar`s attendants (by means of debate between pairs) for the recommended practices in order to create and support competitive advantages. The conclusions show, in general, an entrepreneur having vision and practices that are distorted and distant from the market reality, being that with regards to the three analyzed perspectives (systemic view, positioning and focus) higher rates of clearness were presented with regards to the focus only. On the other hand, he resists to the idea of forming and participating of cooperative blocks (Clusters), ignores the proper and modern formula of the equation composed by the variables P (Profit), C (Cost) and SP (sales price), and is still not convinced about the advantages of the Information Technology (IT) as an essentially strategic component and about the horizontalization as an element of competitive strategy and rationalization of costs and process. Finally, in the recommendations made based on the achieved results, this work exposes the need for incrementing cooperation among entrepreneurs and between them and the government, universities, class entities, research institutes and other organizations that could improve performance of their companies.
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Advisor:Valmir Emil Hoffmann; Arnaldo Rosa de Andrade; Pedro Paulo Hugo Wilhelm

School:Universidade Regional de Blumenau

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Entrepreneurs Textile business


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