Perec ou la Liberté d'un Bohéme Tentative de Lecture en Dyptique de Quelques Livres de Perec

by Chibinda, Peter

Abstract (Summary)
In this era of literary theory explosion, literature has been pushed to frontiers never imagined before. While some critics argue that the push has benefited literature others contend, understandably so, that the trend has opened doors to misinterpretation of certain authors based on out of context reading of their works. Without trying to take side, I would simply submit that Perec is one such author who is often times misrepresented. While I absolutely understand the idea that, a book shares certain affinities with any other produced commodity and that therefore the consumer is at liberty to deal with it the way he or she deems satisfactory, we should not loose sight of the fact that the contextual back drop in which any particular work is produced offers as much an interesting reading as any other. This dissertation looks at four different novels by Perec and tries to anchor them, as the author himself begs the reader to do, in their social, political as well as their cultural background. The strategy adopted in this work consist of reading side by side, like the two sides of an open book or matching pieces of a puzzle, two novels from each of the two most influential literary periods on Perec's writing. The dissertation pays particular attention to the fact that some of the author's books seems to sit at the end of each other's spectrum and tries to construe the relevance of that polarity with regard to the author's work current criticism . The study matches in the first instance Les choses against Un homme qui dort two novels with a social agenda, and in the second phase, it pits La disparition against Les revenentes two novels from the author's oulipian experience. The reading model provided in this work attempts to highlight contextualized understanding of Perec's work and to draw challenging observations that could, may be, pave a way to a new reading and understanding of the four selected books. The most engaging remark postulated in this dissertation is the fact that it is believed that Perec is more of "un auteur engagé" (and not, as portrayed by other critics, a mere ludic autobiographical writer) who failed to articulate his philosophical vision, living them strewn all over his body of work because of his inadequate academic background.
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School:University of Cincinnati

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:ludic literature avant guard post modern la disparition les revenentes


Date of Publication:01/01/2002

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