The Perception of Pro United States Pakistanis on the Styles of Civilian and Military Leadership

by Mujtaba, Gholam, EdD

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT This study assessed political attitudes of Pakistani citizens and the children of Pakistani citizens who held positive regard for the United States as a national friend and business partner. This population merits study in its own right, because national studies typically examine the full array of citizens without regard to political attitude and thereby potentially confound inferences that may be apparent only if researchers hold the matter of political opinion constant regarding the United States. In the context of business relations, knowledge only of average Pakistani attitudes otherwise informs the expectations of business professionals who therefore lack a basis for developing meaningful relationships with many like business partners. To address this gap in the literature, this study limited the surveyed population to pro-US Pakistanis. The central attitudinal concern related to the optimal form of national leadership with a focus on whether civilian or military rule is preferable. Using factor analysis, the study found a strong pro-civilian attitudinal construct in the surveyed population, along with evidence of secondary constructs of political optimism and political skepticism, respectively. Interestingly, the results resembled what one would expect in a survey of Americans, including that neither gender nor religion had any effect on people’s opinions regarding civilian leadership. In contrast, respondents’ affinity or affiliation with specific Pakistani political parties strongly predicted pro-civilian attitudes within this population. Ethnicity also showed evidence of predictive power in this sense, but of a more limited variety. The study concluded with a discussion, concluding observations and a series of recommendations for both professional practice and future academic research.
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Advisor:Dr. Katherine Noone

School:Argosy University Phoenix

School Location:USA - Arizona

Source Type:Doctoral Dissertation

Keywords:Pro U.S. Pakistanis, Pakistani Leadership, U.S. Pakistan relationship,


Date of Publication:11/30/2016

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