Pedagogiskt förhållningssätt till religiös mångfald. : En jämförande studie mellan två skolor

by Ferm, Josefine; Carlgren, Ida

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACTIda Carlgren & Josefine FermA pedagogic perspective on attitudes towards religious diversityA comparative study between two schoolsNumber of pages: 31The purpose of our study is, from a definition of the term multi religious teaching perspective, to examine the conditions for an education in the school subject religion, which promotes both the learning as well as the development of a tolerant attitude among the students.We have chosen to start from problems like for example: Which problems do the schools apprehend in integration issues and how do they handle them? To narrow down these problems we have chosen to work from following questions. What control documents, national or local, underlies the teaching in the subject religion? How does the education in religion promote tolerance and understanding over the ethnical and religious groups? Then we reformulated these question fields into questions that we later on used for the interviews.The method we used was open directed interview. After we had analysed the answers from the interviews we reached the results. In our study we searched for problems connected with religious education in schools, to our surprise none of the respondents had apprehended any of those connected to their teaching in religious education. Therefore, we have enthroned the problems that we observed, but the teachers did not, in our discussion part. Just because a school is known as a multi religious school does that not necessary mean that the multicultural perspective is to be seen as a resource in the teaching.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:religious education multi school diversity integration


Date of Publication:02/07/2008

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