Pedagogisk förståelse till utveckling av livskompetens och återerövrad hälsa- Berättelser om att övervinna en ätstörning.

by Lindberg, Anna; Back, Linda

Abstract (Summary)
In Sweden, there are great numbers of different clinics and institutions for treating eating disorders and the variation of the treatment differs alot. Many of these are focusing on giving their patients individually suited resources and increased knowledge how to get in charge of their own recovery. The aim of this study is to find out how learning is developed and what personal knowledge you need in the struggle of achieving a healthier life. This study was inspired from a narrative point of view and the methods used are face-to-face interview and interview by e-mail and original mail. Through the MHE Clinic, situated at Mora Sweden, mail were sent to 20 individuals who, in the past, had problems with eating disorders. The face-to-face interview was made with one person, who previously, was in contact with a treatment center in the district of Gästrikland. A published casestudy was also used to further strengthen the collected material. The results of the study shows that the participators gathered new knowledge and learned new ways of handling their everyday problems, both by getting theoretical information but also by actually trying it. These persons grew into indepentent individuals who learned to take responsibility of their own lives. According to the analysis, processes of learning requires personal relation and meaningfulness to be able to generate new knowledge. The conclusion of the study shows that it takes a lot of work to change an unhealthy behaviour, although it is possible by increasing your self-esteem, by trusting your own ability and by gaining a competence of life.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:knowledge process of learning competence life recovery eating disorders


Date of Publication:11/13/2008

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