Pedagogik och Lärande : Infact - En grafisk inlärningsprocess

by Gustafsson, Christoffer; Lindberg, Martin

Abstract (Summary)
This report of 10 credits is a C – level essay in informatics.The report presents the result of our investigation. The purpose is to answer our problem statements:“How does computer-based graphical pedagogical tools work compared to traditional teaching aids? What is the users view upon the content? Is the information too hard or too easy? Does the structure work better than the traditional website design?”Infact is a system that has as its primary goal to present information in a pedagogical way to let users of all ages and sexes learn from the contents. The information shown on the web page is about Swedish and international research and the sites primary target users are high school students.In our investigation we asked a total of sixteen students divided into three groups a number of questions where after we started a discussion that we hoped would yield some answers about Infact and the homepage in general.Our main conclusion is that Infact is a good tool to use side by side with the textbooks and the traditional teaching aids. The advantages of Infact are according to us the good navigation system that gives a good overview of an area of expertise. This kind of overview is hard to achieve with traditional textbooks. The animations and the text make it easy to learn and it also makes Infact to a specialized tool for teaching specific knowledge.Infact has some limitations. A short summary of these is that Infact must be used on a computer with a relatively fast Internet connection and certain programs must be installed before usage. We have also presented some suggestions for improving the system to the project team at
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:02/21/2007

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