Pattern systems and methodologies for multiparadigm analysis and design

by Knutson, Charles D.

Abstract (Summary)
In this research, we have captured, in pattern form, key elements of programming and

design in four programming paradigms (imperative, object-oriented, functional and

logical) as well as multiparadigm programming. These pattern sets have formed a

foundation upon which we were able to build a deeper understanding of multiparadigm

programming and design. For each paradigm, we identified sets of programming patterns.

We then identified design patterns for those paradigms that already have design

methodologies (imperative and object-oriented). For those that do not (functional and

logical), we created design pattern sets that may yet play a seminal role in formal design

methodologies for those paradigms. From the relationships between programming and

design patterns, we were able to identify and record methodological patterns that provide

generative mappings between programming patterns and design patterns. From the sets of

programming patterns, we were able to derive a pattern set for multiparadigm

programming. We were also able to perform a critical analysis of the multiparadigm

programming language Leda using this pattern set. Finally, we were able to apply the

methodological patterns to this multiparadigm programming pattern set to aid in our

search for multiparadigm design patterns. We were also able to derive insight into

multiparadigm design patterns by studying the pattern sets for each of the four paradigms

studied. Armed with this rich pattern system, we then created and presented a new

pattern-based methodology for multiparadigm design. Finally, we applied our

methodology and our pattern sets to three common design problems. We found that this

new methodology lent new insights into software design, and suggested the role that

multiparadigm programming and design can play in many aspects of software creation.

Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Cook, Curtis R.

School:Oregon State University

School Location:USA - Oregon

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:leda computer program language programming


Date of Publication:01/09/1998

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