Patienters upplevelser av bemötande från sjuksköterskor på en akutmottagning : En litteraturstudie

by Andersson, Jennie; Andersson, Annelie

Abstract (Summary)
A great deal of the reports which arrives to the patient´s committee is about bad encounters. Patients who seek care at an emergency department should not feel inferior or unsafe because of a bad encounter from the nursing staff. A professional and caring encounter will give power and raise the wellbeing within the patient and that must be offered to the patient. A raised feeling of wellbeing might reduce the sense of bad health. The group of patients this study focuses on is the patients which arrive to the emergency department with a non urgent diagnosis. They often experience a lower rate of good encounters than the patients with an urgent diagnosis. The aim of this study was to highlight what´s important for the patient in the nurse-patient encounter in an emergency department. The search for literature was done in databases. A literaturereview was made from articles and an analysis was made where patient’s similarities and differences in the experience of the encounter sought out. The authors found twelve themes presented in possibilities and difficulties so that the patient will experience that the encounter I satisfying. The result shows that if the nurse’s take some time for the patient and gives them information, treats them as individuals and with respect, the patient feel empowerment to handle the situation. It is of importance for the nurse to understand how the patient experiences the encounter. A good encounter from the nurse can make the patient feel a raised wellbeing and a presence of health. This is a possibility for the patient to gain a feeling of better health.
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School:Högskolan i Skövde

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:encounter nurse patient relation emergency department


Date of Publication:01/31/2008

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