Pathogen Reduction on Selected Vegetables Using Hydrogen Peroxide

by Atuobi Ampadu, Christiana

Abstract (Summary)
The objective of this research was to determine the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide in comparism to standard solutions in decontaminating lettuce, radish, tomatoes and green onions without any adverse effects on the sensory qualities. Vegetable samples were inoculated with 1x108 cells/ml of the E. coli strain RA1013; sanitized with 1% and 2% ( v/v) hydrogen peroxide, 1.2% ( v/v) sodium chloride, or distilled water, and stored for 14 days. Treated samples were scored on a five scale rating for color, odor, overall appearance, odor, and a mixed factor ANOVA, as well as the Tukey's multiple comparisons test was used to identify significant differences (P < 0.05) between samples. More than 2 log cfu/g reductions in E. coli, as recommended by the FDA were observed with all solutions during vegetable sanitizations, at different contact times and storage days. The results of the study suggest the effectiveness of all solutions in reducing microbial loads.
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School:Bowling Green State University

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:01/01/2007

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