Paslaug? teikimo mobilaus ryšio tinkluose modeliavimas Modelling Of Services In Mobile System Communication

by Serbenta, Evaldas

Abstract (Summary)
In this master paper are analyzed services which are offered in GSM network. There is review of offered possibilities and its resources. There have been created model which imitates mass following service in mobile network. There have been made research by this created tool which quantitatively evaluates general quantity of update and paging procedures depending on size of location area and type of subscriber. There have been noticed some tendencies which depend on: paging period, size of location area and the ratio of transfered mesages by location updating and by paging procedures.
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Advisor:Tamulynas, Bronius; Mockus, Jonas; Rimkus, Dangis; Pl?štys, Rimantas; Pranevi?ius, Henrikas; Jasinevi?ius, Raimundas; Telksnys, Laimutis; Barauskas, Rimantas; Maciulevi?ius, Stasys


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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:gsm paslaugos location update vietos atnaujinimas


Date of Publication:06/07/2006

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