A Parameterization of Positive Real Residue Interpolants with McMillan Degree Constraint

by Kuroiwa, Yohei

Abstract (Summary)

The main body of this thesis consists of six appended papers.The papers are about the theory of the positive real interpolationwith McMillan degree constraint.In Paper A, a parameterization of the positive real residue interpolantswith McMillan degree constraint is given.For a given interpolation data and for each free parameter,a positive real interpolant, of which McMillan degree isequal to the McMillan degree of the maximum entropy interpolant, is obtained bysolving a nonlinear equation, which is homotopic to a nonlinear equation to determinethe maximum entropy interpolant.In Paper B,the state-space realization of the multivariable rational interpolant with bounded McMillan degreeis given by the block discrete-time Schwarz form.A characterization of the positive realness of the block discrete-time Schwarz form isgiven by a linear matrix inequality.In Paper C,a robust controller synthesis for the mismatch of delay in terms ofthe Nevanlinna-Pick interpolation is presented.In Paper D,a Smith predictor synthesis for unstable and minimum-phaseinput delay system and for a first orderunstable distributed delay system is given in terms of the Nevanlinna-Pick interpolation.In Paper E , we study an approximation of spectral density in termsof the generalized Kullback-Leibler distance minimization.For a given spectral density,we seek a spectraldensity by minimizingthe generalized Kullback-Leibler distance subject to a constraint onthe tangential second-orderstatistics.In Paper F, a property of Schur polynomial of real coefficientsand real Toeplitz matrix is given.Suppose that the vector of coefficients of a Schur polynomial annihilatesa Toeplitz matrix, then the Toeplitz matrix is in facta zero matrix.

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School:Kungliga Tekniska högskolan

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Doctoral Dissertation

Keywords:MATHEMATICS; MATHEMATICS; Applied mathematics; Optimization, systems theory


Date of Publication:01/01/2009

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