Paper de la insulina i factors de creixement tipus insulina en la regulació del creixement i metabolisme en truita i orada

by Montserrat Pulido, Núria

Abstract (Summary)
SUMMARY: The aim of the present work is to study the role of insulin and insulin like growth factors (IGFs) on growth and metabolism processes in the rainbow trout (Oncohrynchus mykiss) and in the gilthead sea bream (Spaurus aurata). The goal of this thesis has been assessed by means of in vivo experiments in both species evoking a situation of compensatory growth. By means of RT-PCR real time the expression profile of several important muscle regulators (miogenin, myoD), IGFs (IGF-I and IGF-II), fibroblast like growth factors (FGFs), myostatin and IGF-I receptor isoforms (a and b), has been analyzed during this situation in the rainbow trout. In the same manner the binding levels for IGF-I receptor has been studied under this conditions in this species. We have performed similar experiments using the gilthead sea bream. We have measured changes on insulin and IGF-I receptors in the white skeletal muscle, plasma levels of insulin, IGF-I and free fatty acids. In the same manner we have correlated this plasma changes with variations in body energy storages mobilization (lipids and glycogen). Our studies in vivo have been concluded analyzing as a first time in fishes, the time course expression profile of growth hormone receptors (GHRs)in both liver and muscle during refeeding, together with the analysis of the expression profile of IGFs in the same organs. After all the approximations in vivo we have developed a primary muscle cell culture in the gilthead sea bream. We have studied the role of insulin and IGFs in the stimulation in the main cell signalling pathways (AKT and MAPK). In the same manner, we have studied the metabolic role of these peptides analyzing both glucose and amino acid uptake among the different days of the cell culture. In order to confirm that all this mechanisms are mediated by IGF-I receptors, binding studies have been performed throughout the cell culture and the effect of several transduction pathways inhibitors has been also investigated.
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Advisor:Navarro Álvarez, Isabel; Gutiérrez Fruitós, Joaquim

School:Universitat de Barcelona

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:fisiologia fac biologia


Date of Publication:09/26/2006

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