Painterly rendering using space-time varying style parameters

by Kagaya, Mizuki

Abstract (Summary)
Automatic painterly rendering systems have been proposed but they opted for selecting a single style to generate paintings from images, which lacks the ability of creatively using multiple styles to focus important objects and deemphasize unimportant part of the scenes. We provide a multi-style painting framework to

address this issue as well as techniques to enhance the quality of the painting. To summarize, this project makes the following contributions.

* Multi-style painting framework: A canvas is considered as a collection of non-overlapping regions that correspond to objects or background of input images and videos. Within each region stroke orientation can be specified and user-defined painting style parameters can be assigned. Those assigned attributes are also used to define values for regions with any attribute


* Color-based stroke ordering: By relating the drawing order of strokes to their colors, one can create more coherent paintings rather than a randomly assigned order.

* Implicit renderer: We propose a renderer with a different perspective from existing explicit approaches. Brush strokes are simultaneously generated by advecting images of seeds of the strokes in a way that they are repeatedly morphed according to stroke orientation.

Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Zhang, Eugene; Todorovic, Sinisa; Hiratsuka, Yuji; Scott, Michael H

School:Oregon State University

School Location:USA - Oregon

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:computer graphics painterly rendering


Date of Publication:05/01/2009

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