PR och trovärdigheten : att mäta det omätbara : en studie av PR-byrån Four C och dess kund Akzo Nobel

by Östling, Anna; Strand, Sara

Abstract (Summary)
PR appears to be an indistinct division and a complicated resource for companies to value. The current circumstances are negative to the credibility and reliability of PR. This study emphasizes how an application of return on investment contributes to a more strategic use of PR and increases the status and credibility for the division.We experience that measuring the economic value of PR is of great importance and of current interest with few prior studies made. The purpose of this study is to find out how a PR-agency and one of its clients relates to and works with evaluation of PR-activities and to which extent the economic contribution of the activity is measured.The foundation which the theoretical reference grounds on is theories of Delusions of PR and the use of benefit-cost analyzes, Stages and Levels for Evaluating Public Relations Programs, Marketing Return on Investment and PR Return on Investment. The theoretical reference serves as a base during the analyze of the study.The conclusion, based on the empirical body of information, is that an application of return on investment could contribute with a higher status and credibility for the PR-division. The effects that derive from PR-activities are made visible with ROI and can contribute with strong arguments during the negotiation of the budget for the division. PR-agencies are also given motives for the pricing of their work. The objective assessment that is possible to evaluate with help from ROI can bring PR-agencies and companies guidance in the planning of future activities. By considering the budget of PR as an investment its contribution to an organization profit can be evaluated.The study’s introduces several critical factors for an application of ROI. These critical factors are evaluation, knowledge and understanding PR and it’s potentials, the relation towards the division and cooperation and maturity in the field.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:public relations roi return on investment


Date of Publication:06/29/2005

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