Orginal eller kopia : Var går gränsen?

by Magnusson, Caroline

Abstract (Summary)
The need of protection against plagiarism has become more important in the last few years.Develeopment of the internet means that a product similar the one you have made can be on the market in a few days. They who make use of plagiarism saves both time and money. That means that a company that uses plagiarism take advantage of the originator who made the product from the beginning. Another benefit that a company that are use plagiarism gets is that they dont need to pay money för marketing of the product.There are both legal and agreed for a products design. These means gives protection for a product and help the founder to get credit for the innovation.An alternative for a person that just wants to present that he or she is the founder is The Swedish Forms new Registration. In the paper a few observed cases of plagiarism has been examined. The result of these cases shows that it is difficult for a small person who has created a product to defend his product against plagiarism. This is due often due to lack of knowledge, expensive legal proceedings and insufficient global watch.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:plagiarism inellectual property law designprotection


Date of Publication:08/23/2007

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