Omkonstruktion av en rollators bromssystem

by Gruber, Mattias; Alfredsson, Henric

Abstract (Summary)
This diploma work project is a product development project which purpose is to redesign a braking system for a walking frame. The system that was developed diverges the force from the user to braking power, and includes a service brake as well as a parking brake. The most important components of the system are a grip handle on where the user holds on to and a braking handle on which the user operates the brake from. The system also includes a power transmission component, braking package and other mechanical components. All of the components wasn’t developed in this project, several off them has been reused from the existing system.This product has been developed to meet the requirements and standards presented from the principal, Ahlberg Leber. The needs of the future users have also been to importance of the project. These needs where defined thru a marketing analysis, which took place during the first phase of the project. The results from this were so interesting, not only did it function as a basic data; it also is representing an important part of this projects result.During the next phase of the project the product development process took place. You can divide this development work into two separate parts that has developed parallel. The purpose of the first one was to develop the mechanical parts that enable the user to operate the brake. The other one was to design the both handles.During the course of the development process two different product development methods have been used to decide the design of the braking operating. The first one was used to design a conceptual solution and the second one was used to determine the final solution. The approach of these methods is to develop several different proposals from which one is selected and moves on to the next phase of the project. During the course of the project several ideas and proposals has been developed and later on documented. According to the developers - these ideas makes the most important part of the result of the project. Since most of them are interesting and has potential, it is curtain that the designers of Ahlberg Leber will have usage of these ideas in the future. Hopefully they will contribute to new ideas of how the product of tomorrow might look like.The parking brake of the product that is presented as the final one is to be operated by the use of a button. When the braking handle moves over a certain location, the parking brake is automatically activated and the button is then used to deactivate it.The most important result of the grip handle design is that the user may choose between different position of there hands. These positions are preferable in different situations and the options give the user a better chance to cope with the every day life.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:product development walking frame ergonomics aid method eldercare


Date of Publication:10/27/2006

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