by Güngör, Alper

Abstract (Summary)
Labor protection, that is prevention of occupational disease and reducing the frequency of accident, has always been a matter of major concern of mining industry. Management and the government should promote and maintain high safety standards through some measures and tools to reduce frequency of accidents and occupational diseases.

This thesis describes the development of a national occupational health and safety management tool that is composed of educational, statistical and database interfaces for mine safety and health administration.

The detailed analysis of an accident requires knowledge of many parameters such as location, time, type, cost of the accident, victim information, nature of injury, result of the accident etc. that can be obtained from a standard coded accident report form. So, database interface of the management tool is developed with this sense to realize collecting accident data in a nationally used format to produce a common safety reporting system.

Prepared database maintains user-friendly environment on Internet to submit accident information. Dynamic structure and ease of use of the developed database allow administered user to expand it without detailed computer programming knowledge. This was achieved by prepared modules to change or register new data fields within the database.

Created database is also secure since only gives data input access rights to registered users. Database administrator is able to create registered users. Registered users could be safety engineer or manager of a mine who is responsible from the submission of data to the ministry of labor. So, standard and secure accident data collected rapidly through Internet connection.

The other feature of the database is that, it is open to all people to query accidents with many aspects.

Prepared management tool also includes educational interface, content of which can also be enlarged, as the new ideas, information or solutions for accidents are improved. This information is also open to all people since educating workers and managers about accidents and prevention techniques can improve working conditions and increase awareness.

Knowing the fact that submitted accident data is still collected in hard copies in folders, the need for a kind of management tool, which is completed in this study, is obvious. Application of this kind of management tool will be able to prevent the collection of accident data in dusty shelves and share the accident data information with all people who are interested in with this subject.

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Advisor:Güyagüler, Tevfik


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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:tn mining engineering metallurgy 1 997 accident report form database occupational diseases and mine accidents reporting system health safety management tool


Date of Publication:01/15/2004

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