O salário-maternidade no regime geral de previdência social

by Oliveira Xavier, Juliana de

Abstract (Summary)
The current thesis has as the main goal, analyzing and investigating thenursery's benefit in the Social Security System. The subject was chosen becauseof being an actual matter and also for the fact of this benefit being essential forthe promotion of the familiar welfare. Ir can be of great help to reach theobjectives of Brazilian's social protection. The juridical system showscontroversial themes regarding the extension of the nursery's benefit for theadoptive mother and the new relations formed between Social Security andBioethics Law. This case study has the objective of proposing solutions to thesecontroversial matters to reach these goals. This study starts with a brief of thehistory of the motherhood protection, identifying the moment it started. Ir wasfollowed by the history of social protection in its differents periods (publicassistence and social security). In this topic we analysed the meaning of socialrisk and verified its extension in the different periods of ir. With the object ofgiving meaning to the social security's benefit, we used the study of the juridicalrelations and its components. We focused on clarifying the main aspects of SocialSecurity's Law in Brazil in a way of obtaining answers related to the origin, thelack, the concession and value of the Brazilian's nursery's benefir. We endedshowing and proposing solutions to the vague topics inside the nusery benefit inSocial Security System
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Advisor:Wagner Balera

School:Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:salario maternidade brasil direito protecao previdenciaria situacoes especiais


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