O princípio do contexto de Gottlob Frege : uma análise sistemática

by Izidoro de, Izabel Cristina

Abstract (Summary)
In the introduction of The foundations of arithmetic (Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik), in1884, work in which he deals with the informal sketch of logical definition of number, Fregeshows three basic principles of his investigation. It is particularly interesting to us the secondof these three ones, which has been known as the context principle. It reappears in §60, in anessential passage (§§55-61) that considers numbers as independent objects, and it is reiteratedin §62 in the beginning of an equally important passage where they are exposed the reasons todefine cardinal numbers as concept extensions. Finally, it appears in §106 in synthesizing theprinciple results of the book. We present in this dissertation a systematic analysis of theprinciple, since the role played by it in Frege?s logicist project has been target of intensediscussions. There are several interpretations of its use in The foundations of arithmetic. Theformulations in the book do not play the same role. Another question, which also dividescommentators, is whether the context principle is or not, implicitly or explicitly, reaffirmed inthe later works. There is any agreement among commentators about the maintenance or not ofthe context principle in other writings. Our main objective is to chart some relative questionsto this principle
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Advisor:Fernando Raul de Assis Neto

School:Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords: Context principle Numbers


Date of Publication:03/30/2007

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