by Oliboni, Samara Pereira

Abstract (Summary)
Bullying is a kind of schooling violence between students, where one or more students, follow and intimidate a classmate without a reason to justify the action. In the current national researches shows the classroom as the local with more cases of bullying, this work aims to know the teacher´s action and perception facing bullying in classroom.Categorized by qualitative method, the research followed the ecological method of insertion model allowing the immersion to the natural environment on the study. The place where the research was developed was 6º level of elementary school from a public school, in Santa Catarina, 2007, eight teachers were involved in the process. Dates were collected thought observation and interview. The observations were focused on the teacher-students interaction by some principles used by the teacher to deal with bullying; the interviews were made individually with the teachers, where they explained their perception with these conflicts between students, in special, bullying. After the dates analyses and from the ecological theory of human development, ambient education and from pedagogical projects from school, were built two interrelation categories: - The teacher action facing bullying between students, which is composed by subcategories, The teacher activity in bullying manifestation, and The research for solutions between these conflicts; and, - The teachers perception about bullying, which is formed by subcategories Bullying identification by teachers, teacher´s insecurity when they realize the students behavior, and Bullying perception as indiscipline. Among the results, the research shows that the pedagogical project is well based on a progressive proposal,however, some teachers seems to have difficult to get ride from the traditional model of teaching, by putting in the first place the development of specifics subjects from teaching, even in the conflict lived by students. This way trying to solve the conflicts between students, the majority of teachers adopted the use of reprehension, inefficient, seems to collaborate to bullying practice and indiscipline. About bullying perception, few teachers realized this practice between students. Even recognizing bullying as a concern between students, the teachers seems insecure in recognize it as violence, characterizing it, thus other teachers, just like indiscipline. In conclusion, this work shows that the no recognizing of bullying by the teachers, as a bad behavior topsychological development, together with, the traditional teaching practices, contribute to the incidence of bullying activities in school. The incorporation on ambient educationas a transversal subject, thus as the ecological human development in teaching practices, could help to recognize, valorization and to face the bullying in class.
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Advisor:Maria Angela Mattar Yunes; Valéria Lerch Lunardi; Marta de Salles Canfield

School:Fundação Universidade Federal do Rio Grande

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:bullying ambient education human development


Date of Publication:07/07/2008

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