Nyutveckling av Huddigs spakkonsoler för modellerna 1060 och 1260

by Larsson, Kristoffer

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractThe author Kristoffer Larsson wrote this examinations paper for the excavator loader company Huddig AB in Hudiksvall. The subject for this bachelor’s thesis is development of joystick pads at Huddig. The background for the bachelor's thesis is that Huddig have been during the last years developed and redesigning the interior of the cabin. The problem is that the joystick brackets haven’t followed the same development. The goal with this bachelor's thesis is to develop and manufacture four prototypes with consideration on design, ergonomics, bottom positions, control of steering, rototilt, choice of material and manufacturing method.To get a picture of what the drivers want and theirs aspect of the development of the joysticks pads the author did a market research with Huddigs customers. After the market research was done some methods and functions solving methods was used to break down the product to different functions.Eight different concepts were generated and the finial concepts were selected of a group from Huddig and Kristoffer Larsson. They selected the concepts because they taught that they were best suited to manufacture prototypes of. These are the subjects of the concepts:? Conic underpart? Angular design? Double rows with bottoms at left bracket? Tilted steering control? Tilted transport direction shifter? Two hand grip for steering? Placement of hydraulic liftersFrom these comments and aspects the author drew four sketches to have as guidelines for the prototypes. The reason to make prototypes was that it is hard to anticipate if a concept works in the real life based from a sketch.The goal with this bachelor's thesis was to design and manufacture innovated concepts which have been done. From the result of the bachelor's thesis Huddig can use it to continue to develop the joystick brackets to a successful product.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:huddig joystick pads vacuum shaping prototyps continue development


Date of Publication:06/25/2008

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