Nutrition and physical activity promotion programs, a needs assessment of McMaster University students

by Senson, Christine

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NUTRITION AND PHYSICAL ACTTVITY PROMOTION PROGRAMS: A NEEDS ASSESSMFNï OF MCMASTER UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Christine Senson University of Guelph, 1999 Advisor: Rofessor D.M. Wwlcott This thesis is an investigation of selected factors affecthg food choices and physical activity habits of McMaster University students and the health promotion activities of interest to them. Questionnaire data were collected fiom a convenience sample of 488 students. Two main barriers to healthy eating identified were lack of availability of healthy foods in dining halls and hadequate time to prepare meals. Students identified taste, fiesimess or variety as more important in selecting foods than nutritional value or convenience. Many students (74%) were interested in nutrition education and preftmed sources were print information in dining halls, around campus and in the University newspaper as well as food sampiing booths in dining rooms and near the library. Over halfof the students (58%) were presently physicdy active and only 7% of students reported not wanting to receive information promoting physical activity. Recommendations are made for fbture research and for nutrition education. 1would like to îhank Dr. Donna Woolcott for her guidance and encouragement throughout this research project I would aiso like to thank my research committee member, Dr. Heather Kelier for her assistance. Shannon Crocker, registered dietitian at McMaster University Student Health Service, has my appreciation for her help and for providing me with the opportunïty to work on this project. Greta Hofm and Richard Goy are acknowledged for their assiseince with the statistical procedures and software progams at different points in the project. 1would also like to express my appreciation to McMaster Student Health Service for hding this project. Finally, 1am forever grateful to my family at home for giving me support throughout my academic pursuits.
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Date of Publication:01/01/2000

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