Nursery Process: instrument for nurse administrate work and lead the nursery team.

by Schwengber, Acélia Inês

Abstract (Summary)
The caring process is the work essence and the nursery knowledge and the Nursery Process (NP) is a methodological instrument that makes possible the nurse inserts the scientific/technical knowledge that is characteristic of their professional practicing. It was made a theorical revision, taking administrative questions in the nursery work context, the leadership in the work inter-relationships in organizations, as well relevant aspects of the health/sickness/care process and the wok processes in health and nursery, with emphasis on the Nursery Assistance Systematization (NAS), besides theorical fundaments and NP?s steps recognized by Wanda de Aguiar Horta. This present study describes a NP model construction. Together with the nursery team, it had as its goal, to have the construction, NP implantation to patients who needed a cardiac surgery, during their time in the hospital, as an instrument to the nurse administrates the work and lead the nursery team. The next steps were developed for that: data picking, visits to identify problems and to establish nursery diagnostics; nursery care protocol elaboration to patients? specific diagnostics before and after cardiac surgery, electing and inclusion of elaborated protocols in the institutional intranet system software to form the Technological Nursery Prescription (TNP) to integrated patients in Units of Doctor Pedro Bertoni Oncology and Cardiology Internal Hospital. The methodological collection which was used was the convergent-assistance research proposed by Trentini e Paim. It was made a preliminary study of NP collocation with the involved nurses, when, then, were elaborated the nursery care protocols to the mains nursery diagnostics present in the cardiac surgery patient, before and after the late operation, with the goal of subside the care planning in these periods, which were tested and validated during the may and september months. These protocols build the content the feeds the software, which was build by Institution Technological Sector, that allows to access the internal patients? form and, based on present diagnostics, to select the necessary care protocols, that was put and patterned in the intranet system, forming TNP, as a way to guide the assistance work and to register and to prove the implanted nursery cares. Also, interviews with the nurses who participate of the construction process, NP implantation were made, analyzing their perception towards NAS, NP and TNP as instruments to the exercise and the nurse professional and personal talents work to administrate the work and to lead the nursery team in the nursery work organization, realization and evaluation. The analysis process allowed to point that the nurse is the team protagonist and the leader in the work organization. The study results show that the NAS implanted and developed by the nurses is a work tool the unifies the language and nursery actions and given cares, with more valorization to the nursery service, because it makes the Nursery Team work visible, quantifies their actions and qualifies the assistance.
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Advisor:Wilson Danilo Lunardi Filho; Regina Gema Santini Costenaro; Rosemary Silva da Silveira

School:Fundação Universidade Federal do Rio Grande

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:work in health nursery organization assistance systematization care quality


Date of Publication:04/19/2008

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