Numerical Simulations of Pulsejet Engines

by Geng, Tao

Abstract (Summary)
GENG, TAO. Numerical Simulations of Pulsejet Engines. (Under the direction of Dr. William L. Roberts.) The pulsejet has recently received more research interests duo to its simple design, which can be developed into low-cost micro-scale propulsion devices for use in many of todayĆ¢s new applications such as UAVs. However, the relatively low thermal efficiency of pulsejets has always been the major obstacle in their development. The goal of this research is to investigate the possibility of using pulsejets in certain applications where the pulsejet can trade its low efficiency with low cost, simple design, and light weight. This work investigates pulsejet operation in a combined experimental and numerical approach, although the focus here is on the computational research. The fluid mechanics, acoustics, and chemical kinetics are studied numerically to understand the physics behind pulsejets and their operations. The research objectives include miniaturization of valveless pulsejets, acoustics model developments for both valved and valveless pulsejets, obtaining preliminary thrust performance data on micro-scale pulsejets, and finally, the formation of the starting vortex ring and its effect on pulsejet thrust.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Terry Sharton; Taofang Zeng; William L. Roberts; Frank Harmon; Andrey V. Kuznetsov

School:North Carolina State University

School Location:USA - North Carolina

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:aerospace engineering


Date of Publication:01/16/2008

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