A Novel High-Speed Trellis-Coded Modulation Encoder/Decoder ASIC Design

by Hu, Xiao

Abstract (Summary)
Trellis-coded Modulation (TCM) is used in bandlimited communication systems. TCM efficiency improves coding gain by combining modulation and forward error correction coding in one process. In TCM, the bandwidth expansion is not required because it uses the same symbol rate and power spectrum; the differences are the introduction of a redundancy bit and the use of a constellation with double points.

In this thesis, a novel TCM encoder/decoder ASIC chip implementation is presented. This ASIC codec not only increases decoding speed but also reduces hardware complexity. The algorithm and technique are presented for a 16-state convolutional code which is used in standard 256-QAM wireless systems. In the decoder, a Hamming distance is used as a cost function to determine output in the maximum likelihood Viterbi decoder. Using the relationship between the delay states and the path state in the Trellis tree of the code, a pre-calculated Hamming distances are stored in a look-up table. In addition, an output look-up-table is generated to determine the decoder output. This table is established by the two relative delay states in the code. The thesis provides details of the algorithm and the structure of TCM codec chip. Besides using parallel processing, the ASIC implementation also uses pipelining to further increase decoding speed.

The codec was implemented in ASIC using standard 0.18Ým CMOS technology; the ASIC core occupied a silicon area of 1.1mm2. All register transfer level code of the codec was simulated and synthesized. The chip layout was generated and the final chip was fabricated by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company through the Canadian Microelectronics Corporation. The functional testing of the fabricated codec was performed partially successful; the timing testing has not been fully accomplished because the chip was not always stable.

Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Bolton, Ronald J.; Chowdhury, Nurul A.; Dinh, Anh van; Ko, Seok-Bum; Kostiuk, Andrew

School:University of Saskatchewan

School Location:Canada - Saskatchewan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:encoder decoder lut viterbi algorithm mapping by set partitioning tcm asic


Date of Publication:09/03/2003

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