North European Gas Pipeline : Ett säkerhetshot mot EU och dess medlemsstater

by Cronstrand, Petter

Abstract (Summary)
Author: Petter Cronstrand Title: North European Gas Pipeline – A security threat to the EU and its member states? Tutor: Stefan Höjelid Växjö University Today the EU imports about 50 percent of its energy consumption and this is about to increase to 70 percent in year 2030. To supply this future need for energy, the EU has initiated a partnership with Russia. This partnership is reflected in the construction of The North European Gas Pipeline (NEGP). Many EU memberstates has expressed their anger about this pipeline, mostly because of the deepened partnership with Russia. The question of concern is if the pipeline is a positive way of solving the energy problem for the EU? The aim of this master thesis is from a wideened securityconcept examine what securitythreats the NEGP implies for the EU and its memberstates. The thesis main theory is Barry Buzans, Ole Waevers and Japp de Wilde´s theory about a wideened security concept, which constitute five security sectors: political, military, societal, environment and economy. These sectors are then applied to statements made by the countries in the Baltic Sea, to investigate what security threats the NEGP implies. The conclusion is that the NEGP constitute a securitythreat in the environmental, the economic, the military and perhaps also in the political sector.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/29/2007

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