The New 'Struggle to Get It Straight': the Broadcasting Board of Governors' and the Voice of America's search for purpose and structure in the War on Terror /

by Owens, Curtis Joel

Abstract (Summary)
This study examined the purpose of United States international broadcasting form its inception, and emphasized the changes in structure that have helped the broadcasters to fulfill that purpose. The study used a three-pronged methodology involving personal interviews, historical perspectives and participant observation. The survey of the historical narratives regarding the Voice of America and the findings from personal interviews with key members of the Broadcasting Board of Governors staff revealed an ongoing debate about the purpose of a government-funded broadcaster. The two prominent sides are those who want international broadcasting to serve an advocacy role versus those who want it to be a tool for explaining and discussing the policies of the U.S. The first group follows a more traditional model of propaganda, while the second relies on the methodologies of western journalistic media to define its role. Recommendations based on the findings are included, as well as some general observations to spur further research in the area of content analysis and media effects related to international broadcast communication. v
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School:The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

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