"Nej, så pratar vi inte med barnen" : – en kvalitativ studie om pedagogers attityder till barns inflytande och integritet i dokumentationsprocessen

by Ljung, Kristin; Meijner, Marie; Svärd, Amanda

Abstract (Summary)
This thesis aims to investigate a number of educationalists attitude towards children’s influence in the process of documentation, and to examine if respect towards children’s integrity is taking into consideration in the process of documentation. On the basis of this aim, we have the following questions of issue: What kind of influence do the children have in the process of documentation? and What is the educationalists attitude towards children’s integrity in the documentation?The thesis uses a qualitative approach to examine educationalists attitude towards the topic mentioned above. We have interviewed nine educationalists, working in both preschool and primary school, because this puts the study in a wider perspective. The nine educationalists, which we chose to interview, were a choice of convenience.The results showed that children have a certain amount of influence in the documentation, but it is not a meaningful influence because the educationalists are not making the children aware of the reason with and the circumstances around the documentation. Often, the children do not have influence over the whole chain of documentation, but just over a certain part of it. For example, the children are not aware of the aim of the documentation, what is supposed to happen with the material and the voluntariness of the documentation. When it comes to integrity we have seen three different approaches among the educationalists, namely integrity as a border or a sphere, as respect or consideration and as a way of getting received. A fourth approach means that the educationalists are not taking the children’s integrity into consideration in the process of documentation.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/13/2008

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