Naughty or nice social interaction on the school bus /

by Galliger, Courtney C.

Abstract (Summary)
Marie S. Tisak, Advisor Past research has found that different contexts create unique experiences that contribute to a child's development. A context that remains unexplored, however, is the bus ride to and from school. The current study explored the school bus as a unique context for social interaction. More specifically, the purpose of this study was to understand any gender differences, developmental differences, and differences in being an actor versus a recipient in the rate and types of prosocial and aggressive behaviors that occur on the bus ride to and from school. One hundred and fifty-seven elementary school students (78 males and 79 females) in grades 3, 4, and 5 completed a questionnaire concerning the rate and types of prosocial and aggressive behaviors that occur on the school bus. Overall, the results indicated that students were prosocial more often on the school bus than they were aggressive. Regarding the rate of prosocial and aggressive behaviors, the results showed several signficant effects with respect to participant gender, peer gender, being an actor versus a recipient, and age. Regarding the types of social behaviors, five types of prosocial behavior were identified and five types of aggressive behavior were identified. Although the types of social behaviors were consistent with past research, differences found in the current study were distinctive. For example, participants mentioned non-traditionally studied prosocial behaviors (e.g., companionship and benevolence) more often than traditionally studied behaviors (e.g., sharing and helping). In addition, participants mentioned physical aggression more often among their female peers than among their male peers. It is concluded that the present results have important implications for the school bus context and for future research. This project is dedicated to over 23 million children who ride the school bus. iii iv
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School:Bowling Green State University

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