Musical Recognition and Association

by Story, Daniel, BS

Abstract (Summary)
We can all recognise the sound of a piano or the colour green, for this is merely a natural inbuilt system mankind has developed through millions of years of evolution to allow us to recognise and associate objects, people, sounds, emotions and behaviours. How many of us however have actually pondered this notion, and why we think the way we think when hearing a happy song, or the way we react when we see sad images, and the influences we take in throughout our lifetime, which will profoundly tell us how to behave in society. We will be exploring this topic of cognitive association through ideas, theories, research and observations to uncover some of the fundamental truths of our natural unconsciousness.
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School:University of Hertfordshire

School Location:United Kingdom

Source Type:Other

Keywords:Music, Memory, Recognition, Association


Date of Publication:04/26/2012

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