Multimedia support for wireless CDMA with dynamic spreading [electronic resource] /

by Elicin, Mehmet Ali

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT: The emerging M-commerce needs more support in operating systems in order to be successful over a wireless environment. The system needs to support a seamless integration (i.e., transparent application switching) to support voice, audio and conventional data (e.g., e-mails, and ftp). It should also support many users with guaranteed quality. In this thesis, we investigate effective protocol design with dynamic spreading factors such that various QoS based on different traffic types can be provided. Increasing spreading factors can benefit the system because it will increase the desired signal strength linearly. The measured bit error rate can be reduced 75 times with a long spreading factor. By taking advantage of this benefit, we propose some middle-ware solutions to monitor the network load and switch the spreading factors dynamically based on the current load with multimedia traffic. These middle-ware solutions are implemented in mobile and base stations, and experiments are performed to measure the actual system performance. The preliminary results indicated that our proposed system can always maintain a desired quality for all the voice connections.
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School:University of Florida

School Location:USA - Florida

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:multimedia wireless cdma dynamic spreading factor


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