Multikriterieanalys för identifiering av lämpliga områden för etablering av vindkraftverk

by Söderholm, Emma; Nordsell, Lise-Lott

Abstract (Summary)
The political focus is today set on questions concerning climate changes and this was proved when Panel of Climate Change and Al Gore were awarded with the Nobel Prize for Peace in the year of 2007. Sweden is the presidency country of the European Union in the second half of 2009 and the main questions are going to be about climate targeted on energy, biodiversity and sustainable development.Some of the things that cause the climate changes are the emission of greenhouse gases made by the human being. To reduce the emission the goal with the Kyoto protocol, accepted by 160 countries, is set to reduce the emission by 5% until 2012. To achieve the goal the development and promoting of renewable energy has an important role, especially wind power. With the aid of physical planning, municipalities have an important role e.g. through compiling basic data for decision-making where suitable areas for wind power are pointed out.Gävle municipality is used as a case study and one of the goals with this thesis is to facilitate the decision that is needed to be made by them who are working with physical planning. Another goal is to awake the awareness of geographical information system potential to be a powerful tool to make physical planning more efficient. As a first part a compilation is made of the data that are accessible in the databases of Gävle municipality. The main issue is to make a multicriteria analysis to find suitable areas for wind power on the compiled data. The theme of wind power was chosen because it is an important part of a sustainable development due to climate changes.Criteria and counteractive interests to wind power were identified and used in a multicriteria analysis. A field study was made to control the result from the multicriteria analysis against reality and there were a good agreement. The result of the multicriteria analysis indicated that there are several suitable areas for wind power within the area of Gävle municipality and this was verified with the areas identified by the County Administration of Gävleborg.Multicriteria analysis is a powerful tool that gives a result that is easy to understand. Knowledge about the method and subject, e.g. finding areas suitable for wind power good knowledge about wind power and data is demanded to make the method easy to perform.The method gives a comprehensible result with a penetrating power and is easy to understand. The method is very useful to compile basic data for decision-making in physical planning.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:wind power station multi criteria analysis physical planning gävle municipality


Date of Publication:10/17/2008

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