Multidimensional Measurements : on RF Power Amplifiers

by Al-Tahir, Hibah

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractIn this thesis, a measurement system was set to perform comprehensive measurements on RF power amplifiers. Data obtained from the measurements is then processed mathematically to obtain three dimensional graphs of the basic parameters affected or generated by nonlinearities of the amplifier i.e. gain, efficiency and distortion. Using a class AB amplifier as the DUT, two sets of signals – both swept in power level and frequency - were generated to validate the method, a two-tone signal and a WCDMA signal. The three dimensional plot gives a thorough representation of the behavior of the amplifier in any arbitrary range of spectrum and input level. Sweet spots are consequently easy to detect and analyze. The measurement setup can also yield other three dimensional plots of variations of gain, efficiency or distortion versus frequencies and input levels. Moreover, the measurement tool can be used to plot traditional two dimensional plots such as, input versus gain, frequency versus efficiency etc, making the setup a practical tool for RF amplifiers designers.The test signals were generated by computer then sent to a vector signal generator that generates the actual signals fed to the amplifier. The output of the amplifier is fed to a vector signal analyzer then collected by computer to be handled. MATLAB® was used throughout the entire process.The distortion considered in the case of the two-tone signals is the third order intermodulation distortion (IM3) whereas Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR) was considered in the case of WCDMA.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:automated multidimentional measurments rf power amplifiers time domain measurements gain efficiency distortion three dimensional plots sweep frequency


Date of Publication:10/07/2008

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