by Ratajczak, Christoffer-Mauritz; Münz, Leonard

Abstract (Summary)
During the last decade, the concept of knowledge has gained increasedattention within the research field of international business.This has its backdrop in the knowledge-based view of the firm,seeing knowledge as a resource and capability. Accordingly,knowledge has been stated to be a prominent factor in regard tofirm survival and success. In this thesis, we are to identify the typeof knowledge that exists, and examine how this knowledge is transferred,within a firm. This has been done through a single casestudy, analyzing the knowledge transfer on an intra-firm basis betweenthe head quarter and the subsidiary units, as well as amongthe subsidiary units. Data has been obtained through interviewsand secondary materials. The case study has concluded in ananalysis illustrating how knowledge can be ennobled outside thehead quarter, and lost, if not incorporated into the firm.
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School:Uppsala universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:transfer of knowledge internationalisation


Date of Publication:04/16/2007

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