Movable frame hybrid MAC, a multi-MAC protocol for wireless software radios in multi-rate multimedia applications

by Liu, Shuyang

Abstract (Summary)
MovabIe Frame Hybrid MAC - A MuIti-MAC Protocot for Wireless Software Radios in Multi-rate Multimedia Applications Shuyang Liu We descnbe a new medium-access control (MAC) protocol for dynanzic adjustment of the bandwidth requirement of multimedia applications. The purpose of this technique is handling multi-rate, multi-level traffic in an integrated wireless-access network (LWAN), A proposed mechanism divide total bandwidth in basic band and reservation band. Four conventional access techniques which are CDMA, CSMA, TDMA and FDMA are combined in the basic band Reservation band choose these four techniques flexibly depending the trafic charactefistics and quality of seMces (QoS) requirement. This Movable Frame Hybrid MAC (FMHMAC) is called software radios in third generation (3G) wireless network designing. A comparative evaluation of this access technique is done by simulation procedure. Through simulations, the performances of the proposed access technique (e.g. cd blocking probability, average delay and deIay jitter) show that is both robust and suitable for the intended l%UN applications, this will results in hi& QoS guarantee for arbitrary traffîc condition. iii
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Date of Publication:01/01/2000

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