Motorische Aktivita?t und Entwicklung im Alter von 20 Monaten bei Kindern mit einem Geburtsgewicht unter 1500 g im Vergleich zu Reifgeborenen


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In the longterm follow up of VLBW infants, an increased motor activity has been noted. Verification of this observation was sought by means of an objective measurement. For this purpose, the practicability of actigraphic monitoring was evaluated. In this study, 43 VLBW children and a reference group of 19 mature born children at the corrected age of 20 months wore an actometer during the developmental diagnostics with the Griffithstest. In addition, a subjective assessment of the motor activity was obtained from the parents and examiners. It became clear that within the framework of this study the VLBW children had a significant higher motor activity than the children within the reference group. The frequency of moments where the children rested without movement during the assessment situation correlated positively with the birthweight and the gestational age. The personal evaluation of the parents and the examiners corresponded well with the objectively obtained data. The children with a higher degree of motionless moments during the examination scored better results in their developmental quotients as well. The sex of the children and the level of education of their mothers had no effect on the motor activity of the children. The clinical observation of increased motor activity of VLBW infants in the corrected age of 20 months could have been objectivated during this investigation by the use of actigraphic monitoring. The use of an actometer in the clinical routine might be practical. Considering the evaluation of the results of this study as well as the economical aspects, the use of actigraphic monitoring is not necessarily needed. In order to allow the best possible further development for the children with increased motor activity and /or low state of development, an appropriate support for them and their families should be offered.
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