Motivation, ledarskap och teambyggande : En studie om Mediamakarna i Sverige AB

by Lyth, Johan

Abstract (Summary)
Motivated and absorbed co-workers is today considered as one of the most important factors in creating good results within companies and organisations. A leaders aim has always been, throughout the whole history, to concentrate human instinct of self-preservation towards common interests, to express and defend a vision which enhance co-workers with believe. Mediamakarna i Sverige AB, founded by Richard Ehlesjö, Fredrik Sandblad and Sammy Jeridi wants to emphasise open communication as something significant within their organisation. Considered their relative inexperienced qualities of leadership, I’m making inquiries about their qualifications and characteristics managing themselves and motivating a sales team to success. How is Mediamakarna motivating salesmen to perform their outmost and how to receive self- motivated members?Considering the management, are they of that opinion having sufficient quality of being good leaders and do they use each others skills in a right, positive manner? Furthermore, I will revise the company’s role of structure. The purpose with this article is to understand what kind of methods the management are using to create and above all preserve a high level of motivation among the salesmen. To understand the relationship between management and salesman my purpose is also to study management structure and roles. I have had interviews with three persons. To receive maximum extent, I interviewed the person with the greatest knowledge and responsibility within each field. The hermeneutic approach will be used because it suits my study field. I interpret the respondents opinions with my comprehension. I’m using a more qualitative approach compare to a quantitative one seeing that I will be in search of comprehension and intention of the purpose of the report.After completed studies at Mediamakarna, I consider the company having a good structure but also that the management must focus on certain specific fields that may lead to future complex of problems. My opinion is that they have an agreeable view regarding motivation where they foremost want to preserve internal motivation versus external ones. What the company can do is to reward those salesmen that perform on a constant high basis with ”such rewards that encourage the inner culture of company” in a higher extent that they in return are faithful towards the company and in the future can be major assets when the company expands. Regarding the main tasks a manager must have, I think that Mediamakarna fulfils the requirements. The vision and goals that are constructed together means that the great amount of pressure are not from the management but from the salesmen themselves. One salesman might then feel that he can emanate from his own capacity and not be judged on a constant basis which create a positive energy instead of a increasing pressure on the shoulders. In my point of view it increases the understanding towards each other and make it easier for the management to supply a common vision that must be found in each salesperson.I’m finding Fredrik and Rickard being good examples of external acting. They have, in regard to their slight experience, manage to establish themselves in a tough line of business where you have to be visible and create contacts. Fredrik must however continue to follow his guiding principles – manager versus friend, to be impartial and avoid favouritism. Concerning the role division within the organisation I can’t in this moment see any major problems. To appoint an analysts and a performer, Mediamakarna must focused and intensify more on how to create dynamic groups. The management has an important task how to become more wider in the recruiting of salesperson. They can’t be afraid of appointing ”odd” salesmen that are separate from the current sales group. The more traits of character in a group the easier it might be to find the missing piece of a puzzle and accordingly make the group more dynamic.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

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Date of Publication:03/12/2007

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