The Mortality of Euthansia in the Light of the Catholic Church's Teaching

by Tochi, Amadi Declan

Abstract (Summary)
The question of euthanasia has kept pre-occupying and agitating the minds of thinkers, sweeping the globe, pummelling pedagogy, assailing assumptions, and bludgeoning biases. Both the moralist, ethicist, theologian, psychologist, educationist, anthropologist, politician, physician, patient as well as the common man in the street are interested in it. This pervading interest simply arises out of the fact that euthanasia involves the question of life, and life is something that is a common denominator to all men.The controversy hinges on the fact that, there are divergent views on the moral question of euthanasia. While some would unflinchingly opt for euthanasia others would prefer to oppose it to the best of their strength, yet others will remain agnostic about it. But the issue here remains: is euthanasia in any way morally justified? Has human life an intrinsic value? Or is human life valuable only when it is healthy? Are we the ones who decide when to die? Has the physician any right to either assist or terminate the life of the patient simply on account of suffering? Has the patient any right to end his/her life? Are there some conditions in which euthanasia could be allowed? Is suffering meaningless?The topic of my project is: THE MORALITY OF EUTHANASIA IN THE LIGHT OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH’S TEACHING. In this work, I shall present the official Catholic Church’s teaching and position on euthanasia, and also, avow the different arguments proposed by the proponents of euthanasia. I will use the church’s stand, as a foundation for a critical analysis of those who support Euthanasia. And finally a will make a critique of the church’s stand in my evaluation and conclusion.
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School:Linköpings universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:euthanasia suffering death catholic church mortality


Date of Publication:01/01/2005

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