Monarcas, tiranos y tiranicidios la ideologi?a de Juan de Mariana en la obra de Lope de Vega /

by Hughes, Marianelly.

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MONARCAS, TIRANOS Y TIRANICIDIOS: LA IDEOLOG√ćA DE JUAN DE MARIANA EN LA OBRA DE LOPE DE VEGA By Marianelly Hughes The Spanish society of the 17th century was rigorously stratified. T he people?s actions and interactions were perfectly regulated. On top of the social pyramid was the king, who conserved the peace, legality and justice. He was surrounded by people with his same qualities to avoid falling into sins and to achieve a government based on reason, justice, and benevolence. Some thinkers such as Mariana, believed that the king could fall into temptations and become a tyrant. Mariana describes the monarch that should be considered worthy of the crown, as well as the one considered a tyrant. He mentions what people could do to legally kill a tyrant after fulfilling a series of requisites. M ariana?s political ideas are the them e of L ope?s peasant trilogy. This lets the reader judge the behavior of the villagers as murderers who are motivated by personal reasons to kill a tyrant without following the necessary process.
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