Modern broadband networking issues, quality-of-service, resource allocation, and service disciplines

by Taha, Samer Marwan.

Abstract (Summary)
This thesis focuses on the analysis, performance evaluation, and design of several aspects of the global data network beyond year 2000. The main issue in this study is the provisioning of Quality-of-Service (QoS) in an efficient way. The efficiency of some already-developed or proposed broadband networking techniques are investigated in terms of their ability and reliability in delivering QoS guaranteed services. Mainly, Multi- Protocol Over ATM (MPOA), Differentiated Services (DS), and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technologies are frequently discussed in this thesis. Also, other techniques are proposed, analyzed, and compared to some existing techniques. The work in this thesis focuses mainly on second and third layer issues, with respect to the OSI seven layers model. This thesis contributes to a better understanding of the interaction and relations between the concepts of QoS, service disciplines, pricing, and revenues. Optimizing network systems operation is difficult without considering these concepts and the interaction between them. Toward these objectives, the thesis starts with analyzing the performance of
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School:Pennsylvania State University

School Location:USA - Pennsylvania

Source Type:Master's Thesis



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