Modelo multicritério no processo de seleção de subempreiteiros na construção civil

by Neumann, Alexandre Guimarães

Abstract (Summary)
Proposal: in Civil Construction industry the relation between subcontractors-constructorscompanies is considered important for a good performance of an enterprise, andconsequently, a good satisfaction of the final customers. However, this relation begins withthe subcontractor?s selection, and in this industry is done in the subjective way and withthe perception of the actors. The objective of this research was to make a systematization,to include some quantitative and qualitative variables, in the process of selection ofsubcontractors in the civil construction in the Distrito Federal. Methodology: to reach theobjective of this research, it was proposed a set of 05 criterias, 31 subcriterias and 08scenarios. These variables were proposed with the finality to characterize a MulticriteriaMethod for the Decision Aid to a Subcontractor?s selection, and were based onPROMETHEE Model. After proponing these variables, a questionnaire was applied withemployees that works in Distrito Federal, with the purpose to evaluate the weights for thecriterias and subcriterias in all the sceneries. The characterization of this model waspossible after the proposition of the variables and the respectives weights of the criteriasand subcriterias. Later, were realized interviews with Engineers to exemplify in threecases, tests for the multicriteria model established. Results: After the application of thequestionnaires, it was possible to conclude that the construction?s manager understandsthat the low prices were not the only criteria in the decision aid, and the ?Interpersonal?sRelationship? was a important criteria. Also, these analyses identified that the scenerieswere relevant to assign the weights to the criterias and subcriterias, and consequently,could change the multicriteria model recommendation in the sceneries. With the cases, itwas possible to infer that evaluations with too many criterias were not interesting, becauseraise the freedom degree of the problem and change the recommendation of the model, andanalyses to complicate. Contributions: in this research was possible to conclude that toselect a subcontractor, it was necessary to involves multicriterias, and the multicriteriamethods can help the managers with the selection process.
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Advisor:Antônio Alberto Nepomuceno; Jose Luis Vital de Brito; Maria de Fátima Souza e Silva; Sheyla Mara Baptista Serra

School:Universidade de Brasília

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:engenharia industrial indústria de construção civil estruturas


Date of Publication:11/26/2008

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