Modeling and power managenent of a hybrid wind-microturbine power generation system

by Guda, Sreedhar Reddy.

Abstract (Summary)
The goal of this thesis is to evaluate the performance of a hybrid wind-microturbine energy system through computer simulation studies. The primary focus of this study is the development of dynamic models for a standalone wind energy conversion system and a microturbine generation system. The system model developed is suitable for power management in distributed generation studies. The developed model of the wind energy conversion system consists of dynamic models for a wind turbine as well as an electric generator. A detailed model of the wind turbine based on a set of nonlinear curves is presented. The electric generator, driven by the wind turbine, is a self-excited asynchronous (induction) generator suitable for isolated and grid-connected operations. Modeling of the electric generator, complete with saturation characteristic, is done using dq-axis theory. Also, the importance of excitationcapacitors during isolated mode of operation is explained. A dynamic model for the microturbine generation system is achieved by integrating models of a microturbine and an electric generator driven by it. The model illustrates the dynamics of the microturbine and its control systems. A set of mathematical equations are used to model a permanent magnet synchronous machine acting as the electric generator of the microturbine generation system. The developed system is capable of simulating the dynamics of the microturbine generation system, demonstrating its ability to meet load power requirements. The dynamic models of the wind energy conversion system and the microturbine generation system are integrated using power electronics interfacing and simulated in MATLAB/Simulink. Simulation results indicate the suitability of the developed model to study the dynamic behavior of the hybrid generation system under different load conditions. 1
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School:Montana State University-Billings

School Location:USA - Montana

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:power mechanics wind turbines


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