Modeling, construction, tests and performance of a switched reluctance generator

by Veloso da, Augusto Fleury

Abstract (Summary)
The switched reluctance generator emerged as an alternative generator and grewin interest among the scientific community during the last decade. It has a simpleconstruction and comes up as a competitive option when one deals with variable speedapplications and also when power electronics is required. Nowadays the most aimedapplications are the aircraft applications, hybrid or electric vehicles and wind power. Thismachine has a doubly salient structure without copper in the rotor. The coils areconcentrated in the stator poles. Thus, there is low copper and iron consumption and,because of it, this machine is closer to the modern environmental requirements. Theswitched reluctance generator driving uses power electronics and needs continuousinformation about the rotor position to drive properly the switches of the phases. Theoptimal design for this machine is still been established from the experimental results.Many operational details are under investigation. The machine has two different electricalcircuits: one for the excitation and other when the load is fed. It is possible to insulate thosetwo circuits and because of this it is also possible to reduce the electronic switches count.This work is helpful to understand how the SRG works. To get it the goals were to build amathematical model for this machine and to simulate its operation. And than to know howit dynamically conducts. A prototype was constructed and used to test some driving circuitswith it. Also it is presented an extensive comparative study. With this all this work presentsa contribution for the development of this kind of machinery.
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Advisor:Luciano Martins Neto; José Carlos de Oliveira; Wanderlei M. da Silva; Walter I. Suemitsu; Darizon Alves de Andrade

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Switched reluctance generator Modeling Prototype Converters Drive


Date of Publication:04/11/2008

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