Miscasting the spectator dramaturgs and audiences in transcultural productions /

by Beal, Ara Grabaskas.

Abstract (Summary)
MISCASTING THE SPECTATOR: DRAMATURGS AND AUDIENCES IN TRANSCULTURAL PRODUCTIONS By Ara Grabaskas Beal Theaters not only cast their audience in roles, but also cast themselves within specific functions in the community. This notion of duel casting produces the give and take between the theater and the audience, similar to the give and take between a production and an audience during a specific performance. When choosing a hierarchy of performance signs, a production team must take into account what the audience expects. If they choose to disregard expectations, they must do so purposely, and not by oversight. This is a possible new role for an American dramaturg, assisting in the understanding of audience expectations. Based on this notion of dramaturgs helping to prepare audiences for their role, this thesis will use Yuri Lyubimov’s production of Crime and Punishment at the Arena Theater as a case study to explore what performance signs can differ.
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School:Miami University

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Keywords:lyubimov yuri dramaturgy audience theory de marinis marco dramaturges drama theater audiences


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