MiFID - Granskat ur den svenska finansmarknadens perspektiv.

by Thunholm, Björn; Torpmark, Andreas

Abstract (Summary)
Aim: The purpose of our essay is to clear up the difficulties of what the new directive MiFID means, and which part it represents for the harmonisation of the European financial market. Further we want to illuminate what the different operators of the financial market consider about the harmonisation and what attitude they have for the different parts of the MiFID directive.Method: After careful selection we have let: Aktiespararna, Fondhandlarföreningen and Finansinspektionen to represent the Swedish financial market. It´s on the basis of these three parts, our empirical input of how the harmonisation in connection with the MiFID directive, and how the directive in general is received on the Swedish financial market, is established. By studying scientificarticles, studies and comment letters that hese three groupes has developed, we have tryed to make a understanding concerning there opinions and there standpoints respecting the MiFID directive. We performed iterviews with the three groupes and further vi present already existing theories for how a well functional financial market and harmonisation have worked in prior areas.Result & Conclusions: In our analyse we found that all parts where positive to the harmonisation and the directive in the big picture, but that there where many detail objects in the way of the ambition of a united financial market in a foreseeable time. On the other side the value paper institutes gone have the opportunity to grove internationally, an opportunity that most likely will benefit the bigger institutes greater then the smaller ones. Several of the actors also notice a lack in the harmonisation work that could cause direct disadvantages for the Swedish financial market if not corrected.Suggestions for future research: Whats intresting with this study is that it reflects the theories, speculations views and expectations that existed prior to the implemention of the research: directive. On the basis of this it would be extremley intresting to examie the results in aspect of all the angles we used in this study in varyestimeintervals after the implementation.Contribution of the thesis: This study has fulfiled its aim and documented the swedish view on to the harmonisation of the financial market within the EU, with special consideration of the MiFID directive and it´s signigicance.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:eu directive harmonisation mifid markets in financial instruments


Date of Publication:06/10/2008

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