Methods for creating a multi-axis polarizer for visible light attenuation by linear translation [electronic resource] /

by Donatelli, Peter L.

Abstract (Summary)
Methods for Creating a Multi-Axis Polarizer for Visible Light Attenuation by Linear Translation Peter L. Donatellli A few solutions exist that describe how a Linear Translation Multi-Axis (LTMA) polarizer can be made. It is the purpose here to describe some of these solutions and determine if these solutions are plausible. A positive result will be the creation of a LTMA polarizer in a continuous sheet. As there are various ways to make a LTMA polarizer, there are also many materials used to make polarizers. Some of the types of polarizers that will be discussed consist of: a crystalline based dichroic polarizer, a molecular iodine polarizer, birefringent polarizers, metallic polarizers and light reactive dye polarizers. What has resulted from the testing of some of these methods is the fabrication of a LTMA polarizer. The final product has accomplished the goals of attenuating light by linear translation, and multiple local transmission axes. It can be concluded that stress and temperature are crucial factors to successful creation of a LTMA polarizer.
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