Metabolic design of dynamic bioreaction models

by Provost, Agnès

Abstract (Summary)
This thesis is concerned with the derivation of bioprocess models intended for engineering purposes. In contrast with other techniques, the methodology used to derive a macroscopic model is based on available intracellular information. This information is extracted from the metabolic network describing the intracellular metabolism. The aspects of metabolic regulation are modeled by representing the metabolism of cultured cells with several metabolic networks. Here we present a systematic methodology for deriving macroscopic models when such metabolic networks are known. A separate model is derived for each “phase” of the culture. Each of these models relies upon a set of macroscopic bioreactions that resumes the information contained in the corresponding metabolic network. Such a set of macroscopic bioreactions is obtained by translating the set of Elementary Flux Modes which are well-known tools in the System Biology community. The Elementary Flux Modes are described in the theory of Convex Analysis. They represent pathways across metabolic networks. Once the set of Elementary Flux Modes is computed and translated into macroscopic bioreactions, a general model could be obtained for the type of culture under investigation. However, depending on the size and the complexity of the metabolic network, such a model could contain hundreds, and even thousands, of bioreactions. Since the reaction kinetics of such bioreactions are parametrized with at least one parameter that needs to be identified, the reduction of the general model to a more manageable size is desirable. Convex Analysis provides further results that allow for the selection of a macroscopic bioreaction subset. This selection is based on the data collected from the available experiments. The selected bioreactions then allow for the construction of a model for the experiments at hand.
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School:Université catholique de Louvain

School Location:Belgium

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:elementary flux modes convex analysis dynamical modelling metabolic network


Date of Publication:11/06/2006

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