Meta-modelo funcional para recuperação de informação baseado em ?-cálculo

by dos Santos, Daniel Gonzaga

Abstract (Summary)
Modeling is a topic of the central research in Information Retrieval (IR). Generic frameworks areapproaches for study and development of new IR models is generic frameworks. These frameworkscould be seen as formal metamodels that include a notation used to describe IR models and to makepossible the research on the semantics retrieval process. Besides that, these metamodels make easierthe reasoning on the characteristics and properties of information Retrieval models.In this dissertation, we offer a generic and formal functional framework, based on ?-calculus, fordefinition and study of the IR models, also called Functional Structure. This framework (or metamodel)allows the representation, combination formularization and equivalence comparison amongIR models. In this metamodel, the IR models are represented by functions, that is, we have formallydefined the components such as documents, consultations and similarity function of information Retrievalmodels, using the ?-calculus. This strategy has as the main element the functions concept,in this meaning it differs from the traditional models, which generally consider weights of terms,vectors, etc as beddings. When representing the IR models in a same functional language, as the?-calculus, the identification of the arguments and values of the functions are clear.Moreover, we show examples of how to represent the classic IR models, studying the equivalenceof alternative vectorial models, defined here using the Functional Structure. We also represent inthis structure the following models: belief networks, sTerm and a based on ontology. By this, weverify that the representation of the IR models to the Functional Structure makes possible the constructionand the combination of models, it also allows the comparison among them by its similarity(equivalence or not), through algebraic demonstrations, without carrying through experiments.
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Advisor:Marcelo de Almeida Maia; Marcos André Gonçalves; João Nunes de Souza

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Functional structure -calculus Information retrieval Formal metamodel


Date of Publication:12/18/2006

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