Medieteknik och Högskolemässighet : En undersökning av högskolemässigheten inom ämnet medieteknik på Södertörns högskola

by Barck, Marie; Ålund, Karin

Abstract (Summary)
The purpose of this essay has been to investigate what the characteristics are for the subject Mediatecnique (medieteknik) that is held by Södertörns högskola, by using the term högskolemässighet1. The purpose is also to work out a number of criterias, that will make it possible to analyse högskolemässigheten within the subject. Our questions has been: Is Mediatecnique högskolemässig according to our criterias? and How can högskolemässigheten be increased? We carried out this investigation by working out a number of criterias for högskolemässighet. These criterias are based on a report published by The National Agency for Higher Education; “Ribban på rätt nivå – sju inlägg om högskolemässighet” , an essay written by Ingrid Widäng; ”’Högskolemässighet’ Karakteristika för utbildning och undervisning vid högskola och universitet – ur ett lärarperspektiv” and The National Agency for Higher Educations qualityaspects. What seems to be the four top characteristics are the degree of researchconnection, the degree of scientific approach, the students opportunities to develop a critical thinking and their ability to measure their knowledge towards others. Our criterias are: Research connection, Theory and Practice, Selfstudy and Critical thinking, Infrastructure, Internationalization, and Evaluations. By studying documents such as schedules, bibliography and curriculum and by asking questions by e-mail to the person responsible for Mediatecnique we have been investigating how högskolemässigheten is expressed within these categories. Högskolemässigheten varies within and between these categories. The researchconnection is low. If you would judge Mediatecnique only by this criteria it would not live up to the demand on högskolemässighet. But if you consider all criterias you can say that Mediatecnique is högskolemässig. Our conclusion is that the ones responsible for the subject should strengthen högskolemässigheten by increasing the researchconnection and give more room to discussions between teachers and students.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:09/09/2005

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