Med överlevnad som bonus : fria teatergruppers marknadsföringsstrategier

by Jäger, Jessica; Lindström, Freja

Abstract (Summary)
Background: The theater market has matured – supply now exceeds demand. Government funds are on a decrease, replaced by other means of financing. The city of Stockholm will be introducing a bonus system that will benefit independent theater groups that succeed to increase their revenue and attendance. Hence, the audience will play an even greater role, a tendency some free theater groups come to terms with by interacting with the audience to create value.Thesis statement: What factors lead to the long-term survival of the independent theater groups, allowing them to benefit from the imminent bonus system?Purpose: To analyze and evaluate the marketing strategies of the independent theater groups, in reference to their capability of long-term survival through value creation along with the audience, thereby increasing attendance and ticket revenue.Methodology: The study combines quantitative and qualitative approaches and methods. Interviews were conducted with the producers at three independent theater groups in the city of Stockholm. The questionnaire was answered by 90 members of the independent theater group audience.Areas of theory: Value creation, marketing communication and customer characteristics.Results: There is a lack of coherence between the marketing strategies of the independent theater groups and the characteristics of the audience. Hence, the independent theater groups are currently facing poor conditions for long-term survival through growth in audience and revenue. However, if the strategies are adjusted to the audience’s inclination to participate in the value creation, the conditions may improve.Conclusions: The important factors leading to long-term survival of the independent theater groups, thereby increasing audience participation and ticket revenue, are: ”Co-production of values”, ”Enabling” and ”Word of mouth”. Co-production of value must however not apply to the artistry, since the audience seems to guard artistic freedom.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:independent theater groups audience ticket revenue attendance bonus system cultural policy economy management arts value creation relationship marketing transaction long term survival strategies


Date of Publication:06/10/2008

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